Walls of Water – gardening tips!

Written by Jennie Nollette

Guess what…we started planting this week!! WOOT WOOT I am so excited. You know what this means, this means we are one step closer to fresh veggies!

Oh man I can’t wait!

I think the first thing I will make when I have fresh tomatoes and basil is a margarita pizza.  Yum!  Doesn’t that sound good?!  I hope there are some of you that share my excitement and are already dreaming of the yummy things to make with the fresh produce.


First row of Yellow Onions being planted. We are still using our onions from last year, granted they are starting to get bad. We did find Yellow Onions kept the longest compared to white and purple.


My husband working hard while I am taking photos 🙂

To me this is just the perfect time of year to be outside; the weather is fantastic, not too hot not too cold. I am a big fan of spring and fall. The bad thing is the dreaded frost that could come at anytime with little warning and do some major damage.

Last year was a prime example; we had our entire garden planted then started hearing of frost warnings. Our garden was huge so we were able to save quite a bit of it, but there were many plants that didn’t fair so well.

Thankfully we used Walls of Water around a majority of them.  Any of the plants surrounded by those had no problem surviving.

Does anyone use these?

Wall of Water around our first pepper plant!

I know there is always the trick of the coffee can or milk jug, but these things are great! They work like mini greenhouses and help against frost and also extends the growing season by letting you plant them sooner. They are relatively easy to set up, although it is better if you have two people. 

We found this out the hard way.

A few days ago, I started planting as Brent concentrated on filling Walls of Water.  He was pretty much soaked before I realized I could help him.  It made the process  go much quicker with less water on us and more in the holes!

I picked up some more just the other day at Earl May in Kearney.  You can get three for $12.99 very reasonably priced, and their staff is very friendly and helpful.  I just happened to get one of Brent’s students!

Wall of Water.  The package says it all!  Season extenders, plant earlier, easy to use, reusable and best of all made in the U.S.A!

 So for those of you anxious to get out there and get planting give these a try and let me know what you think!



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  • Love these as well! We usually wait for our precious tomatoes until we are so sure it won’t frost. They seem to catch up quickly with everyone else’s. We love the coffee cans as well. We make our own tomato cages out of re-bar wire. We have found that the plants grow to fit the cage. So the bigger the cage, the bigger the plant grows. We finally stopped making bigger ones 🙂

    What do you use for “poles”. I just got my snap peas planted yesterday and the package says they would benefit from being staked. We haven’t had a lot of luck with beans in the past, so big goal for this year!

    Love your posts!

    • Trista ~ I am so glad you like this!! You know that is probably true, they really don’t grow to much until it starts to get warm anyways so waiting to plant is always an option! I have a co-worker that does something similar with the cages and they work really well for her! I know last year our tomato plants completely took over the cages we had it was a mess! So this year we have something we are working on, I don’t want to give to much away because it will be one of my posts here in a couple weeks! 🙂

      As for the peas my husband made a homemade “fence” for them using 2X4’s and chicken wire. They grow on them beautifully. We don’t have it set up yet, but I will find it and take a picture to show you what it looks like (I will add it to my next post)! Peas are so tricky they require more work than other plants and you don’t get as much from them, but boy are they tasty!

      Happy Gardening!