To the friend who just lost her mother

There are no words to heal the pain and sorrow in your heart. 

There are no words that can comfort your soul. 

This heartbreak is unique. It will shatter you and leave you breathless. But you already know that. You felt it the moment she slipped from this earth. 

Your life will now be motherless. It’s a different kind of life from here on out. It doesn’t matter if your mother was young or old, the pain is the same. It’s excruciating. 

You’ll learn that the world will keep moving but you’ll feel like you’re detached from it all. After all, how can things keep going when your world is shattered and still. 

You will be broken. You will hurt. You will miss her so fiercely that you become a different version of yourself. The you without your mother

Eventually, you’ll get up. You’ll find strength and comfort and healing. But you won’t find a cure for the brokenness. It stays with you always. 

I hate that we share this heartbreak. I know the hurt you feel and wish I could help soothe the pain, even for a moment. 

Find comfort knowing that you grieve intensely because your love and bond was powerful and pure. After all, grief comes from love. 

You had the love of your mother, and she may be gone, but that love will always remain. 

Praying fiercely for you as you enter your grief journey. It is unique to each person and a token of the love you shared so beautifully. 

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