If your weight loss efforts have been at a standstill, it’s probably time to take a hard look at your weekend. I get it – it’s the weekend so you want to relax and enjoy a few special meals, a couple glasses (OK…a bottle) of wine, a few beers and a delicious dessert (or two). 

We tend to relax our healthy eating habits on the weekends. It’s totally OK to indulge a bit on the weekend, but if you have weight loss goals you could be sabotaging your efforts.

To put it in perspective – if you eat whatever you want and skip workouts Friday evening through Sunday, that’s basically 10 days of the month (8 Saturdays and Sundays and 4 Friday evenings) that you are indulging and not being active. That’s 1/3 of the month! You will never reach your health and fitness goals if weekends aren’t as healthy as your weekdays.

So how do you stay on track on the weekends? Make a few changes and you will save hundreds of calories and even burn a few extra calories.

How weekends are sabotaging your weight loss   www.herviewfromhome.com

  • Schedule workouts: Sign up for a yoga class with some girlfriends instead of going out for brunch. Instead of catching up with a friend over cocktails, go for a walk or a bike ride in the afternoon. Make sure you are moving on the weekends!

How weekends are sabotaging your weight loss   www.herviewfromhome.com

  • Stay in more often: If going out to eat is part of your weekend routine, make an effort to have a couple of meals at home. Make it more fun by hosting a healthy brunch, having a taco night or inviting friends over for make-your-own pizzas.
  • Cut back on the booze: Liquid calories are so easy to forget about because…well, you’re buzzed. But having just three or four drinks can set you back 500 calories or more! And when your tipsy, you’re more likely to munch mindlessly. Alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water or order soda water with a splash of fruit juice. 
  • Get creative in the kitchen: If you love to indulge in a sweet treat on the weekends, try baking something healthier at home. Check Pinterest for some healthy black bean brownies, no-bake cookies or coconut macaroons. 

How do you stay healthy on the weekends?

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