It’s Saturday morning, and I am unloading the dishwasher in my baggy PJs. I am not even sure I have brushed my teeth yet. All of our children are happily playing and watching cartoons with bellies full of pancakes. 

You snuggle up behind me and start placing kisses on my neck and ear. My gut reaction is to swat you away and finish my task. I am thinking seriously, right now my hair is standing on all ends and I have coffee and morning breath. Oh yeah, did I mention this is probably a T-shirt stained with breast milk. How in the world do you find me sexy at this precise moment?

As you continue to place sweet kisses and your arms wrap around my waist, I make the decision to embrace this moment and I turn into a kiss wrapping my arms around your neck. I think, “Yes, please!” I also remember in the back of my mind that men are different and this is your way of showing love. You love and desire me and don’t see all the insecurities that come with being a mom of three young children.

All you saw was a woman, and I am so very thankful. We continued to make out in the kitchen and then sneak upstairs. It was a fun 15 minutes because when you have three young kids that is exactly how long a Saturday morning tryst lasts before someone is banging on the bedroom door. We both burst out laughing and put ourselves back together. 

In the end, I have to remind myself that I am first a woman and sex is important. When you have young kids, there isn’t always the “perfect time”. Sure would I love a shower and clean teeth. But to feel sexy is to see the desire in my husband’s eyes for me as I’m standing in the kitchen wearing a stained T-shirt. I could have turned him away and caused rejection, but I am happy to say “Yes, please” and embrace intimacy when there are opportunities.

As a mom, it’s not easy to have confidence and feel sexy because life with little kids gets in the way. But if we take the time to remember that deep down we are sexy women each in our own ways and in our husbands’ eyes . . . then stolen moments might lead to the the best sex of your life. So the next time your husband has that look in his eye, or he reaches out to snuggle, try saying “Yes, please” and let everything else fade for 15 minutes—or until someone needs a new cartoon. 

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