I was that girl
The girl you saw with the children that looked as young as her
The girl who danced on the edge of propriety and the abyss
The girl who stood in lines for the food, clothes, shelter that were beyond her reach
I was that girl
The girl who knew the feel of bare knuckles rapping against her skull
And the sting of a man’s hands pressed around her neck
I was that girl
Who knew what it was to fear that day, that instance, that whisper of a moment
Would be the last time she saw this life
I was that girl
And I treasure that girl
In her innocence, I see what I’ve learned
In her bruises, I see what I’ve withstood
In her limitations, I see what I’ve overcome
I was that girl. I am this woman.

Pamela Homolka

Hi! My name is Pamela Homolka. I am a mom to six beautiful souls on Earth (Anastasia, Devin, John, Chance, Sean, and Alice), and three in Heaven (Nathaniel, Mia, and Lucas). I am also a wife to a wonderful husband of almost nine years and a substitute teacher at Grand Island Public Schools. I haven’t quite decided if I’m a teacher with a writing hobby or vice versa, but I thoroughly enjoy both at any rate. My heart is in Texas, but I dearly love my family and friends in Nebraska and currently reside in Henderson.