Love them harder.

The toddler who threw an epic tantrum?

Maybe he’s bored right now.

Or confused.

Or picking up on everyone else’s emotions.

Love him harder.

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The teenager who’s frustrated and full of attitude?

Maybe she’s lonely and upset about these circumstances.

She misses her friends.

She’s thinking about everything she’s missing out on.

Love her harder.

Your spouse who’s been short-tempered. Who’s overreacting about the tiniest things.

Who seems extra worried.

Who hasn’t been loving you in your love language.

Maybe he’s carrying worries he’s too afraid to communicate right now.

Love him harder.

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The stranger you passed on the sidewalk.

The one who didn’t say “hi” back.

The one who gave a dirty look.

The one who didn’t look up from her phone.

Maybe she’s sinking into depression.

Love her harder.

The friend who forgot to call back.

The one you have been trying to get ahold of.

She just never returns your call.

Maybe she’s overwhelmed and just doing the best she can to get by right now.

Love her harder.

The elderly man who said something nasty at the grocery store.

The one who seems so negative and grumpy.

Maybe his wife has a pre-existing condition.

Maybe he’s terrified.

Love him harder.

The mom friend who’s complaining a lot.

The one who isn’t savoring the moments with her kids right now.

The one who always sees the glass half empty.

Maybe she’s suffering from anxiety and can’t seem to climb her way out.

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Love her harder.

Maybe it’s even the Airbnb host.

The one who’s not giving you a full refund for the vacation you planned but now have to cancel.

Maybe he’s sinking financially. And even though you deserve to get your full money back . . . maybe we can at least understand.

Love them harder.

Friends, everyone is battling right now.

We’re all battling in a different way.

Maybe you’re the one holding it together.

Maybe you’re falling apart.

Maybe it’s different every day.

Let’s love harder.

Because we’re all in this together.

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