I see you. They may not, but I do. I see the pain in your heart, the exhaustion in your eyes, and the defeat in your soul. You gave it your all and even that wasn’t enough. 

You see, for months now I have been fighting the same invisible battle. The behind-the-scenes grind to make the man you lovethe man who vowed to be faithful to you and to honor you for the rest of his lifelove you back. Or at least love you strongly enough to want to stay and jump right in that arena and fight with you.

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One day you look around, and you are alone. The stadium lights are on, shining brightly down on you, creating a shadow where your partner should be. But it’s just you, alone.

The battle is over, the fight was lost, and he walked off. 

No matter how deeply you know in your heart you deserve better and that this was not your fault, you still cannot shake the feelings of loneliness, of unworthiness, and of utter defeat. 

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God did not design marriage to be one-sided. God sees that your heart is pure, that your soul is hurt, and that you need Him. He did not want you to be treated that way, and His will is not for you to spend your whole life begging for someone else to see your worth.

God sees it. I see it. And it’s time you see it, too. 

This journey is not an easy one to walk. Divorce is a loss, you must grieve it and feel the pain to be able to heal yourself. You are capable, and you are not alone. No one else may know what exactly you have been living through in these past weeks, months, or even years . . . but I do, and so does God. 

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As your tears fall down your cheeks, as you roll over in an empty bed, and as you stare at your new scary, upside-down future, remember that this too shall pass and your battle will not have been fought in vain. I see you. 

Krista Tierney

Krista is a native of Massachusetts where she spends her time writing, praying, swimming in the ocean, drinking coffee, and teaching preschoolers. Her lifelong goals are to honor Jesus, make others feel seen, and to always find the silver lining.