Get in, loser. We’re going to the movies! The Plastics are back!

That’s right, friends! Regina George and her trusty sidekicks Gretchen and Karen are here again—although, were they ever really gone? Between endless pop culture references (“The limit does not exist!”), the incredible success of Mean Girls the Musical on Broadway, and now a movie version with Broadway’s very own Reneé Rapp as Regina herself, it’s not like this iconic story ever really left us, even though it debuted in theaters 19 years ago. (Yes, NINETEEN. Sorry if that number makes your hip hurt). So yes, Mean Girls is back—on the big screen and in musical form this time—but not until January of next year. For now, we’ll have to settle for all the amazing trailers that feature familiar faces, like Tina Fey as Ms. Norbury and Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall, along with lots of newbies, like Jenna Fischer and Busy Philipps! (Also, Jon Hamm has entered the chat.) So mark your calendars, dig out your brightest pink sweaters (especially if you go on a Wednesday), and get ready for Mean Girls in early 2024—it’s gonna be so fetch.

So why do we all love this story so much? Probably because when Ms. Norbury asks everyone to raise their hands if they’ve ever been victimized by Regina George, we all did. We all knew a Regina (some of us still do). And today, as a mom of a 13-year-old girl, I can see why Mean Girls still has the appeal that it does—even for her generation. The truth is, the hierarchy of kids in school really hasn’t changed. There was a “life-ruiner” Regina George (and a Gretchen, and a Karen, and even a Damien and Janis) when we were in school, and they’re all still there today—trust me, I know. I’ve heard allllll about them. So watching the “popular girl” villain suffer the ultimate takedown and see the “nice girl” win in the end, well that’s a story that never gets old—for us, or for our kids.

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If you’re a die-hard Mean Girls fan, rest assured that Tina Fey wrote this screenplay too (just like the first one) and she kept many of the same core pieces of the story. There are, of course, The Plastics. There’s also the cute boy named Aaron Samuels and the “weirdo kids” who everyone grows to love—Damien and Janis. There’s a new Cady Heron. And, yes, without a doubt, the iconic Burn Book comes into play.

But, this Mean Girls has a lot more diversity—yay—and some other new elements that make it “so 2023” like, hello—the trailer is set to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Set Him Back.” (Was Olivia Rodrigo even born when the first Mean Girls came out?!). Plus, the story takes place in present-day, in a world dominated by TikTok and smartphones. Add in 2023 fashion and some new dialogue that will surely lend itself to the next batch of famous Mean Girls quotes, and you’ve got a modern classic to carry the Gen Z generation until . . . well, another version debuts in 18 years.

Mean Girls 2024: There’s a mean girl and an awkward girl, a cute boy, and a Burn Book. What more could you ask for? This one’s got all the early 2000s nostalgia we love (and our kids love) with a 2024 twist—and it’s a musical. So imagine a little Grease, a little High School Musical, and lots of Tina Fey humor—all wrapped up in a bright pink bow. Let’s all go together—whether you’re a regular mom or a cool mom. And don’t worry, you can sit with us. I’ll get the cheese fries.

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