Tell me about yourself.

My husband Aaron and I have two awesome elementary kids with a ton of ideas and initiative. (I just wish initiative wasn’t so messy!)

As a writer, speaker and friend, I am particularly drawn to kids and adults who feel like their deep thoughts and intense feelings are trapped inside. I totally know what it’s like. I help people navigate the deeper places of the soul in order to release their authentic voice and creative self-expression. I am currently in the editing process of writing a book about my own journey from soul-protection to soul-expression. Subscribe to my email list for resources and information.

I co-founded a special community with Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and John Maxwell Team member Laurie Hock. Born For This is a growth-minded community that awakens aspiring leaders, activates influencers, and amplifies the impact we can create together. The February 2016 Born For This workshop in Kearney, Nebraska will be a highly engaging, interactive weekend designed for you to experience with your group of friends. Registration opens soon!

When I chose my bachelors and masters degree programs, I had no idea that Music Education and Counseling Ministries would prove to be the perfect preparation for my work as a writer today.

When did you start blogging and why?

My life changed when I saw Frozen for the first time. No, I’m not being sarcastic!

To me, the movie was so much more than princesses, female empowerment, a cute snowman and fun songs. I started crying when Anna asked Elsa if she wanted to build a snowman. I literally cried through the entire movie and didn’t stop for days. I relate intimately with Elsa’s power, self-protection and ultimately the freedom she experiences when she finds out that Anna loves her unconditionally. The young motherhood years were incredibly difficult for me and I came to the movie feeling like a failure. In the end, Elsa offers all that she is within the context of actual relationships. That image calls to me. It took me a year to gather courage and get my thoughts in order so I could share what the movie means to me. I posted Frozen Top Ten in November 2014 and the next week declared myself a writer. It’s been a crazy-fun year of learning how to navigate the online world

What are some of your favorite sites on the net?

Jeff Goins is my go-to for writing, speaking and entrepreneurship advice and inspiration. The Portfolio Life is the best podcast for artistic Internet entrepreneurs. He calls out the best of each thought leader he interviews. I love it. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

Honestly? I sleep in until about 7:30 some mornings. Messy initiative in kids is actually responsible initiative in the mornings. It’s awesome. The kids get themselves up and ready for school!

Now that our youngest is in kindergarten, I spend most of the time between 8 and 3 working. I threw myself into book-writing the first week of school and am still deep in that process.

3-8 p.m. I focus intently on my family and then I write or research some more before going to bed. We work hard and play hard.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to blog or share his/her story?

Journal! I had no idea that I was practicing to be a writer when I was a young adult, but I filled 21 journals in 8 years just to get things out of my head and heart and onto paper. You can journal to God or your future self. Get comfortable with how you express your thoughts and feelings. You’ll get used to writing and reflecting upon the stories of your day and then when you really want to share a story, submit to Her View From Home and start a blog.

If you don’t know how to start a blog, or if you want to tackle it strategically, join a Facebook group I manage called “Strategic Blogging From The Heart.” We share tons of ideas and free resources.

What story are you most proud of?

My first Her View From Home article. The assignment came just as my Grandma passed away so I wrote “This Too Shall Pass” as a tribute to her beautiful faith. But a close second is the one published here this week: “An Open Letter To Sandi Patty.” I was thrilled to have the opportunity to publically show her my loving gratitude for her impact on my voice. And she re-tweeted it! It’s fun to see the comments of others who feel the same way.

How can people follow you?

Subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Subscribers get the best of what I have to offer, including an excerpt of my book and other resources. I link to all of my articles and Born For This information. It’s also an easy way for you to interact personally with me because you can reply to the email and I will respond.

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I hope to hear from you soon!

Andrea Wenburg

I’m Andrea, author of the bestselling book, UNFROZEN: Stop Holding Back and Release the Real You. I'm a wife to Aaron and mom to two beautifully creative kids. When they're not around I'm working as a writer, speaker and strategist for my company Impact By Design, helping people find and refine their "voice" in the world as a person and/or a Personal Brand. I love writing about the experiences and lessons I learn on my journey to find, refine and express the voice of my heart. I do what I do so others might be equipped and inspired to realize how they might be holding back so they can release their true selves for the sake of others. You can find more of my writing, audio and video, on my website You can also find me on Facebook: And Twitter: B.A. Music Education M.A. Counseling Ministries