Mother’s Day is nearing, but it won’t be the same for the ones who have lost their baby.

Many bereaved mothers are dreading Mother’s Day.

There won’t be the word “Mom” singing out from the hallway.

There won’t be little giggles at the bedroom door.

There won’t be little feet tapping away.

There won’t be an excited little person jumping on the bed.

There won’t be sweet kisses and cuddles.

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There won’t be a bouquet of flowers that were picked from the garden.

There won’t be breakfast in bed.

There won’t be a handmade Mother’s Day card.

There won’t be a baby to remind her she is a mom.

There won’t be a child to play with.

There won’t be joy on what is supposed to be her special day.

Instead, she goes through the day with a broken heart.

Her soul is shattered.

Her womb is engraved with grief.

Her pain is so piercing.

There will always be one person missing on Mother’s Day.

Even if she already has her family.

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Because no child can replace the one who couldn’t survive.

She feels empty.

She misses her child more than ever.

When she puts her broken pieces together,

When she wipes away her tears,

When manages to crack a smile,

When she puts on a brave face for her earthside children and her partner.

She will be able to get through and enjoy Mother’s Day.

Because one day, she will be reunited with her angel baby.

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She will hear “Mom” shouting from the distance.

She will hear giggles around the corner.

She will see them running toward her.

She will hold them tightly in her arms.

She will get the sweet kisses and cuddles.

She will get that handcrafted card.

She will get the bouquet of flowers that were picked from the garden.

She will be reminded she is a mom.

She will get her special day with her little angel.

Yvette Mystakas

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