To my husband,

I see you so clearly right nowfor you are our lighthouse and our safe harbor.

You have shined in these uncertain times. 

Your fatherhood instinct has kicked into full gear, and I continue to catch myself staring in awe of you. 

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You live within the moment at hand, refusing to dwell on the past or worry too much about the future. 

Your patience is overflowing, especially when mine is not. 

Your ability to bring the toddlers of our life alongside you and the task at hand is pure magic. 

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You find ways to involve them, teach them, and empower them to take part in whatever you are doing. 

Your energy seems boundless. You jump up to wrestle, chase, and play with the kids and then stay up to spend time with me just talking or completing projects around our home.

I know you do not always feel this way. 

Instead, you feel your patience is thin.

Your energy is spent.

Your attention is distracted.  

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I know all too well this feeling of guilt. The momma guilt you are always quick to jump in and protect me from, reminding me of who I am to you and our little ones.

I am realizing I, too, need to tell you more that you are more than enough for us and our little crew. 

You love hardshowing up each and every day ready to be the man God made you to be. 

The man I fell in love with so many years ago and continue to find myself falling for in big and little ways.

I love you more now in this straight-from-the-movies pandemic because you are always the calm in the storm.

Your adoring wife

Tiffany Frederick

Tiffany is a mother of two almost three littles who resides in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband Casey. She loves living in a community and finding ways to connect with people. | Instagram @TiffanyFrederick_Realtor