*I think we can all admit that 2020 has been ummm, a bit of a downer, but I’m here with a bright spot in the midst of it for ya! Christmas is still Christmas no matter what, and this year your Christmas tree can LEVEL UP with a Golden Girls Rose Nylund talking ornament from Hallmark!

Golden Girls Keepsake Ornament

No, I am not even kidding you. Betty White’s hilarious, naive Rose Nylund can now adorn your tree…and tell you classic tales from her hometown St. Olaf!

If you’re like me, you remember Rose’s “back in St. Olaf” tales as one of the funniest parts of The Golden Girls. Now, a perfectly-coiffed Rose in a bright blue suit can regale you with these tales once again at the touch of a button…while she hangs from your Christmas tree.

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What a time to be alive, am I right? 

Rose From the Golden Girls Can Now Decorate Your Christmas Tree—and She TALKS!

This Rose Nylund Golden Girls ornament is from the Hallmark Keepsake Collection, so I can only hope we’re going to see ornaments from fellow Golden Girls Dorothy, Sofia, and Blanche, but nothing has been said about that yet. I am holding out hope that an entire set will be released for 2020 and we won’t be forced to wait for them to all be introduced individually, one year at a time. I mean, come on, Hallmark, there’s a pandemic on! What if you hold the Dorothy ornament til 2021 and COVID gets me before then? Do want that on your conscience? Release them now! 

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Rose, or if you just like to get your tree up early, you can pre-order her on Amazon now for less than $20.

And why wait?I mean, as I mentioned, we’re in a pandemic, so…I say get those trees up early. I’m all for piling on all the bright lights, cheer, and silly collectible ornaments as we can get in 2020. Let’s deck the halls AND start spreading the merry early and often this season. Who’s with me (and Rose)???

Rose From the Golden Girls Can Now Decorate Your Christmas Tree—and She TALKS!

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