Who were you before?

Back then?
Before the lines, before the aches, before time took your strength away?

Who were you?

I saw you today.

I reckon that was your granddaughter skipping beside you and your daughter beside her. Because of how you looked at them both repeatedly, regardless of if they were looking or not.

You love them.

You were looking.

Your walk was tired, old, sore.

Your spirit wasn’t.

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I could see on your face the stories you might tell.

You had a cheeky, loving, and humble look in your smile.

It got me thinking.

Who were you?

Before now.
Back then.
Back when you walked as a 20-something-year-old.

I would have asked you if I wasn’t sitting in the nail salon complaining about how my life is sooo hard because I had the smallest inconvenience today.

And I needed a reminder that I’m lucky.

I’m lucky to be walking in the body of a 20-something.
And every day is a blessing.

Because one day, the days will catch up.
One day I may look at my child the way you looked at her today.

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I wonder . . . 
Were you a goody two shoes?
Did you like to sew and paint?

Did you have a fairytale marriage?
Probably like the one your daughter describes being raised within.

Did they describe you as a total babe?
Did they say she is a total angel?

Did you go through pain as a result of someone else’s?

Were you happy?

Were you loved?

I’m sorry to say it like you’re gone because you aren’tyou were right there today.

But I know, regardless of age, you might not be here tomorrow.
All of us might not be.

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So you, beautiful old lady, walking through the shops today, was it good?
Did you enjoy your time?
I hope so my love.

I saw you catch me looking. I saw you wink. And you can bet I won’t waste it, girlfriend.

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Lucy Watts

Lucy Watts is a writer from Perth. A mother of three and an autism advocate. Sharing pieces of her life through font.